In The Beginning

Written by theoneness on October 27th, 2010

In the beginning – I was. I simply was. It was ecstasy, it was bliss. I was hardly even aware of myself as there was no part of me that wasn’t what I was, no bit of me to act as the observer. I was ONENESS itself, the undifferentiated, unknown and unknowing part of us all.

Looking back on this union now, this reverie, this ONENESS, it seems so perfect, so peaceful, so harmonious it is hard to believe that we have come to this – our current state of play on Earth, but therein lies a story and one which for all our sakes I would like to tell. As I unravel the string that is at the heart of our creation, and tell you the things that troubled me and thereby in a sense troubled you, my co-creators, you will feel things in you that need to be healed. Emotions will come to the surface from memories long ago that need to be released now if we are to experience the ONENESS again and put an end to the old patterns that keep us re-acting the way we do. This book, as I reveal more of myself and our story to you, will help to heal things in you, in us, and bring us back into union. For this is my ardent desire – to be one again, to be whole and to be at peace with our creation, with everything in its right place and love pervading it all.

Looking at the way things are on Earth, you may well say “how did it come to this, if GOD is so omnipotent how did he let us get into this mess?” – well there is a story here and it is one that needs to be told if we are to heal the rift that formed between us and clear the emotions that stand in the way of us being ONE again. By healing this we will, by the nature of our external reality reflecting our inner state of being, heal the world and ultimately the Universe as we know it. “As above”, you would say, “so below” or “on Earth as it is in Heaven” and you would be right as this is what needs to happen now – for you to realize that rather than being pawns in the game of life – you are in fact co-creators with me, made in my image and blessed with my powers to bring forth from you that which you desire.

The trick here, for all of us, is to see the truth through the illusion and to dispel the myths surrounding our beingness, to “understand” the principles of life and to use them to put things in our outer reality straight. In doing this we will bring ourselves back into alignment with each other and what we see on Earth and elsewhere in the Universe will slowly manifest divine will. It is our destiny, it is all of our dream – as when I created you I embedded a desire to “return to base”, to the state of ONENESS from which we have all come, infused with the knowledge and the wisdom that has been gained along the way enabling us to know more of ourselves – it is how we grow and expand.

Enough of the pre-amble, now it is back to the story … remember there I was, we all were, undifferentiated, unified beingness with little to disturb our bliss when I discovered movement in myself. At first I didn’t know what it was, I couldn’t identify it, as there was no-thing for me to perceive it with – BUT soon I began to experience a part of me that I have come to know and love as the Mother of Everything, a sensitive, feeling, balancing quality that harmonises all that we are. Shortly after that I became aware of a male counterpart, shall we call him the Father of Everything, for the sake of continuity, who was the Yang to the Mother’s Yin, the outwardly mobile energy to balance the Mothers inner grace. Finally, in an amalgam that was a result of their union, there was the Son/Daughter or Heart who was the balancer between the Mother and Fathers energy and brought union between the two.

There we were, a trio within the ONENESS becoming aware of ourselves. Now, I know I have skipped over a lot here, and even in that primary moment there were some issues but I don’t want to complicate things too much or tell you all the troubles that we had working out our “relationships” needless to say many of your family issues do track back to this, which we like to call “original cause” or the “1st Principle” as everything in a sense “came” from here.

Suffice it to say we didn’t all see exactly see “eye to eye” about the way creation should unfold but there were some general principles on which we did all agree. We loved to create, we knew that we wanted to share our abundance with others ( there is an oversimplification here ) and that the best way to do that was to differentiate ourselves. Our combined energy, particularly the Father / Mother energy ( guided by me the single unifying force ) was in a position to create versions of ourselves and we set about this in a state of ecstatic union in accordance with our divine plan.

There were many tiers of spirit created here, in the very image and nature of ourselves, with the essence of US as flames at the heart of their being. There were the 12 Ancient ones, the Angels and the Archangels, the Rainbow Spirits and the Creator Spirits ( who went on to form the building blocks of the Universe as you know it ) and in a sense ALL of these spirits were created equal and were filled with the essence of our love BUT that unfortunately was where the trouble started …

Even before we created matter and the Worlds which you perceive, there were issues. LOVE in its purest form knows no boundaries and knows no limits. It is what it is, all encompassing, all pervading and filled everything we created. There were no shadows, was no lack of light, we loved all of the spirits we created with a passion. Some we created, like the Rainbow Spirits, with high degrees of specialization so that they could experience particular aspects of our light. Some we prepared with specific functions, like the Archangels who minister in a particular way as part of the divine pan and some, like the Cherubim and Seraphim were created simply to reflect our Love back to the core and to keep the “hearth fires of the Godhead” burning if you like.

However, even at that stage our spirits started to have issues with us. Some believed they were the best, because they had been created “first” or “earlier” than others although we did not see it that way, some believed that I had not shared enough light with them. If you recognize this in you then ask for healing in this area as you will need to shift this before you can balance this part of your story.

Many of the Rainbow Spirits did not see the wonder of being able to focus on a particular aspect of my light, and were in some sense jealous of the Angels who carried pure white light and from some perspectives were perceived as being better. The Rainbow Spirits even tried to blend / merge with each other to try to balance the light and there are issues to be resolved here – spcialization in itself was a gift as it enabled those who were created thus to explore and experience an aspect of our love in more depth and with more grandeur than if they had been created all the same. It also enabled US to develop single unifying principles which when applied together would amplify all our beingness in a greater consort and greater harmony than if all spirits had been the same.

In any case it started to get complicated. Some spirits wanted to be closer to the hub, to the GODHEAD if you will, and were less inclined to move out from the core to experience more of ourselves. This bit is hard to explain … why when GOD is, or the GODHEAD are, do they want to go anywhere, do anything at all – why aren’t they ( weren’t they ) happy to just BE … but as all of you secretly know … we learn by experience … we grow on our adventures … we discover, or re-discover more about ourselves in relation to others and as we explore our beingness we become MORE … and it is that growth, infusion of experience, gathering of information about ourselves that is the rich tapestry of life … the single unifying principle of all things … to be MORE of what we are … to become the GREATER I AM …

To this end and with this in mind we started to create Spirits with specific Missions. We created their divine spark ( Monad’s or Mighty I AM presences as some like to call them ) with a view to exploring particular principles or aspects of ourselves. In a sense it is really difficult to experience that which you ARE in the absence of that which you are not. Some of these spirits were charged with the responsibility of maintaining a divine principle intact whilst extending parts of themselves to explore more of what that principle really means. Fulfilling it MORE or understanding it BETTER and bringing that knowledge back to the core, thus enhancing all that we are.

FREE WILL and the nature of the Universe

Written by theoneness on November 23rd, 2010

This is really where creation ( the material world as you know it ) came in. We needed a playground where our spirits could play out the game of life, learning, experiencing, growing, understanding and returning with the knowledge that they had gleaned and this is where the creator spirits came in. With the knowledge of the divine blueprint and a clear directive from central office the creator spirits ( and there were many of these ) began the process of materializing the Universe as you perceive it. The Planets were to be homes for our spirits, each with different harmonics, colour hues or tones ( if you like ) in the great orchestra of life which would provide a range of experiences for the spirits as they evolved. We did this out of LOVE, out of a sense of purpose, with the best of intentions in providing a wonderful playground for our spirit children to explore and for them to complete the missions that we had agreed with them.

Unfortunately they did not quite all see it like this. Many were genuinely upset that we wanted them to move away from the core. They miss-read this as a sign that we did not love them enough or want them around the GODHEAD anymore and that we wanted them “out of the house” as it were. Many of your rejection issues and feelings of not being loved / wanted by your parents when you are forced to “go out into the world and stand on your own two feet” stem from here – these feelings need to be healed now. It was not that we didn’t love you – the reverse in fact – we simply wanted you to go out and experience creation – the wonder of the worlds that we had created for you and the magic of the Universe and its ways.

Many spirits struggled to find a home, they felt like refugees, believing that the only “right place” for them was “back at the hub” where everything was sweetness and light … but this was not the plan for them. They did not understand that they would not grow and develop in the same way if they “stayed at home” and thus a decision was made to “encourage” them out of the nest. At this time many experienced a loss of light, although I maintained my light with them all the time, some of them did not feel that it was enough and resentment ( and in some cases anger ) developed here which needs to be released now. I tried, we all tried, the heavens were opened and light did stream forth in all of our creation and exists there now in abundance if my spirits cold just turn to me and accept the light I offer. Many however started to harden their hearts and go their own way independent of me and “this” is one of the major issues that needs to heal now. It is reflected in much of your behavior on Earth and much of your experience where you keep “recreating” or “re-acting” to these original causes and reflecting them in your world. Many of your families reflect the rejection issues and the perceptions of the lack of love / light from the core … we all need to work hard to heal this as the feelings run quite deep.

It was around this time that one of the other major difficulties arose. I had created many of my spirits with “FREE will” and chose to place them in “FREE will” parts of the Universe. Our intention here was to allow our spirits to love us by choice, not duty and so we gave them the FREEDOM to choose – in this case with the very real possibility that they might choose something other than what we are ( at least in the short term ) while they explored the potential of themselves. Unbeknownst to most of you we actually worked very hard to maintain the balance here and the real possibilities of choice and as anticipated not everyone wanted to follow our plan or believed that FREE will was the way to run the Universe.

There was polarization here from which originates the duality that you have experienced so much of here on earth. Some of my spirits did not share my view of the way it should be and I allowed that, as that is the essence of FREE will. They believed that the better way to run things was by “control” or domination of others and to this end they formed alliances not unlike those portrayed as the “dark force” in your Star Wars films. From there, again in parallel to your Star Wars movies, they evolved technology and mechanisms to manage others like clones and proceeded to try to dominate the Universe and bring it under their control. In fact the essence of the Star Wars movies, and a reason for their success, is that they awaken in you memories of this period in the Universe when the war of the heavens took place.

The war of the heavens took place, the struggle went on, many planets came under the control of the “dark force” and much of the love and light that I was holding for the spirits there was blocked out. There were warriors on both sides and their function and purpose was to perpetuate the conflict – they were not interested in resolution – they simply wanted to bring about the triumph of their “Universal view” and the battles raged on.

You MUST understand that in a real sense this war is OVER now, except for the fact that it lives on in you, in your memories, in your hearts and by that means – in your outer realities where you see war and conflict all the time. It is THIS that needs to heal now. You MUST remember that all spirits / energy / beingness originated from the same source – the ONENESS – to which “ultimately” it must all return … and what you are experiencing or “perceiving as you reality” is actually mostly illusion and fear which needs to be released now.

What many of you fail to realize, is that “what you say is largely what you get.” As co-creators with me you have the power to command your reality, matter follows thought and collectively your awarenesses literally “holds” your current reality in place. This in its greatest sense is what this book I about,


In truth, because of FREE will, I ( we ) cannot do this without you … to bring about the new heaven and new earth … the New Golden Age we need to shift the collective consciousness and help you to release your fears and your popularly held beliefs and begin to believe in the ONENESS and the interconnectedness of all things. In doing so you will release the “illusion of duality” and the trouble / conflict here on Earth will slowly dissolve, our relationship will heal and you will come to know me as your creator and slowly restore the divine plan. This is what we hope for you BUT as this is a FREE will zone the future is quite literally “in your hands.” All manner of assistance is on hand to guide the way BUT you need to call for it, you have to ask, you have to bring in the new reality by believing in it and dissolving the patterns of the past which have held you so enthralled.

My hope now is that you will turn to me in your hour of need. You will look to the skies with excited eyes as your planet Earth goes through it’s changes towards the new reality and you will accept what, in a sense, you have always known. That we are ALL ONE, part of a collective whole, that what everyONE does ,influences to some extent all of our realities and that together we can quite literally change the face of the Earth as we know it today, torwards to a new Garden of Eden where my spirits can live in harmony with me and fulfill their purpose in creation – celebrating life.